Frequently Asked Questions


If we are in the area and if time permits, we will meet with you to discuss colors, designs, layout and times.  Make sure you have look through the catalog before seeing us and don’t forget to take note of what pictures you are interested in.  Please do not waste our time to haggle over price. We set our prices very low compared to the competition, and for that reason we are very busy.  Also keep in mind, we are based out of Stockton.



Pricing is set the by owners of Mirtha’s Balloon & Events, LLC. Pricing is not set by you, your friend, the venue, etc.  We have priced our services with much consideration, taking into account our cost of materials (we only use our own), transportation cost, appointment time, travel time, waiting time, etc.  Please do not offend us by trying to low ball us or insist on your own pricing.

Delivery and Pick Up:

Free delivery within San Joaquin county for most requests. Everywhere else, most deliveries are free on orders over $250.00.  Orders under $150.00 can be delivered for a charge of $50.00. For orders between $150.00 and $250.00 can be delivered for a charge of $25.00. Delivery fee varies on scope of work.


Advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability. We recommend placing your reservation as soon as possible prior to the date of your event.  To secure your reservation, a deposit is required.


Damaged or Lost Items:

Customers are responsible for equipment from the time of receipt until the time of return. It is the customer's responsibility to secure equipment when not in use and to protect equipment from the elements at all times. The customer will be charged the replacement cost for damaged or missing items, including boxes and crates.  By making a deposit or payment you agree to these terms.



Deposits are subject to a non-refundable policy.  Examples include but are not restricted to: when special order items have been purchased, placing an order has prevented us from taking other orders or cancellation of an order within three days of the event, etc.

Banners & other Decorative Items:


We do not hang Banners, Swirl Decorations, Dangling Cutouts, Streamers, String Decorations, etc.  We suggest you arrive early with a friend or family member with the appropriate supplies (scissors, pins, tape, etc)